Baloney returns to Oasis mid-September

Simon Palczynski and the cast of BALONEY at SF Oasis in San Francisco. Photo by Michael Phillis.

San Francisco’s long-running all-male burlesque troupe sfBoylesque now has some competition! We always knew that Heklina and D’Arcy Drollinger’s new SOMA club Oasis would be the perfect home for drag shows, including Heklina’s old Trannyshack that has been reincarnated as Mother. But we’re delighted to see that they’ve added several male burlesque shows to the line-up. One of them is Baloney, a tightly-choreographed male strip show by Michael Phillis and Rory Davis that’s heavily reminiscent of Broadway Bares’ story-driven burlesque fundraisers in New York City. Baloney has now released a hot new shower video that’s sort of a Youtube-only sequel to the … Continue reading

Get Wet – Mar. 29, 2015

Two guys wrestling in lube at the Powerhouse for Team Unpopular's lube wrestling AIDS LifeCycle fundraiser.

March 29, 2015 Last year, we reported on Team Unpopular’s lube wrestling fundraiser at the Powerhouse to raise money for their AIDS LifeCycle charity ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles. This year they partnered with the Glamcocks (which I believe is a Burning Man group) to hold two “Get Wet” lube wrestling events at the Powerhouse. The first round was held in late March, with the winners proceeding to the finals that were held in late April. Many of the guys were in wrestling singlets, though some were in just jockstraps. Check out our photos from the March event … Continue reading

Boy Bar – Aug. 22, 2008

Go-go boys in red jockstraps at Boy Bar, the Friday night party at The Cafe in San Francisco.

August 22, 2008 Another Friday night at Boy Bar, Gus Presents‘ weekly party at The Cafe, the Castro’s largest gay bar. In between go-go sets, a spontaneous game of spin-the-bottle broke out at the lower pool table (which was then covered to provide a platform for the go-go boys, who dance for a half hour every hour on the hour, followed by a half-hour break). Lots of kissing, but sadly, it wasn’t a game of strip spin-the-bottle. Even so, fun! Note: we are experimenting with a new content delivery system for our photo galleries to address an issue that has … Continue reading

World Naked Bike Ride – April 2015

Riders gathered naked before the April 2015 edition of the World Naked Bike Ride in San Francisco.

April 18, 2015 Today San Franciscans bared all to participate in the annual Earth Day edition of the World Naked Bike Ride, which tends to be the smallest of the four WNBR events in the City. (The largest, which coincides with the Northern Hemisphere ride, is in June.) Riders typically gather behind the (currently dry) fountain at Justin Herman Plaza. For the first time, a park ranger actually shooed the riders away and made them congregate on the sidewalk of the Embarcadero. I’ve heard conflicting stories of why. One report said that a longtime San Francisco ordinance from the 1970s (or … Continue reading

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August 24, 2015 We might be out of the woods soon. We’ve settled on a company to host our photos externally in order to reduce the CPU strain on the company that hosts our website. Hopefully that will work! We’re in the slow process of migrating more than 300 galleries over there, one by one, and then embedding them back here. You can see which galleries have been completed here. June 23, 2015 We are in the process of experimenting with a new content delivery network to host our photo galleries externally. Please check out our gallery for Boy Bar … Continue reading

Loose – Aug. 15, 2008

Two guys kissing during a game of spin-the-bottle at The Stud in San Francisco.

August 15, 2008 In August of 2015, The Stud hosted a short-lived party called Loose. In addition to great music and some rather glam go-go boys, the event featured spin-the-bottle kissing games. Players gathered in a circle in the middle of the dance floor and took turns spinning an empty wine bottle to see who the spinner would kiss. Naturally, the two kissed regardless of gender or sexual orientation, though most (but not all) of the people there were gay men. Powered by Cincopa Video Hosting.

World Naked Bike Ride – March 14, 2015

Mooning the cameras at the World Naked Bike Ride in San Francisco.

March 14, 2015 Today was the first of the four annual World Naked Bike Rides that San Francisco participates in. The March WNBR is done in coordination with the Southern Hemisphere rides, which SF can get away with due to our moderate weather. (And today happened to be humid and hot.) San Franciscans do another ride in April in conjunction with Earth Day. The big Northern Hemisphere ride, which tends to draw the most participants here, is in early June. The final ride of the year is held in July to coincide with the more northern rides in Canada. For the … Continue reading

Mother @ Oasis – Feb. 14, 2015

Heklina and Putanesca co-hostessing Mother, the weekly drag show at Oasis in San Francisco.

February 14, 2015 For over a decade, Heklina held her drag show Trannyshack every Tuesday night at The Stud. But over time, she needed to take some time off to recharge her energy and her creativity, and Trannyshack’s Tuesday night run at The Stud ended with a big blow-out bash at the Regency Center. Eventually, Heklina revived Trannyshack as a monthly Saturday night show at the DNA Lounge. Controversy erupted last year when some accused the show’s name of being a slur against transgender people. Heklina toyed with changing the name to T-Shack, but then a new opportunity arose. Late last year, … Continue reading