Katya Presents – Dec. 16, 2007

Katya Smirnoff-Skyy

December 16, 2007 Katya Smirnoff-Skyy’s Christmas show at Martuni’s was a star-studded affair with far more guest performers than her usual show. Performers included Trauma Flintstone, Ethel Merman, BeBe Sweetbriar, Kielbasia, Litz Plummer the Opera Lady, and more, all accompanied by Tom Shaw on the piano. [Show slideshow] 12►

Hot Mess – Dec. 8, 2007

Twinks ending up completely naked while wrestling in lube in a gay bar.

December 8, 2007 The second outing for Hot Mess, Gus Presents’ Saturday night party that he used to hold at The Stud in San Francisco. Hot go-go boys getting down to their jockstraps, and even some of the patrons could barely keep any of their clothes on. Especially for the two adorable twinks recruited for lube wrestling at midnight who ended up completely, totally, bare-ass naked (well, one managed to keep his socks on). [Show slideshow] 1234►  

Lucky Pierre – Dec. 7, 2007

While Charisma Glitterati looks on, these guys are in the process of getting completely naked in a public game of strip poker in a gay bar.

December 7, 2007 The December edition of Lucky Pierre at The Stud was a holiday festive affair. Drag queens Artemis Chase and Charisma Glitterati came in their Mrs. Claus drag, accompanied by a pair of go-go elves. Cute go-go boys danced in their underwear to the deejay’s fantastic music. Charisma Glitterati did a drag number with go-go backup. And in the back room, Artemis Chase dealt games of strip poker to any patron she could recruit to play. Lots of cute guys. And since each round had only one winner, that meant that there were lots of cute guys who wound … Continue reading