Top Trafficked Query Results of 2014

Representing some of our top-trafficked queries of 2014.

As part of our countdown to the end of the year, we’re proving a series of lists for our “Tops of 2014.” The first was our “10 Most Commonly Used Keywords of 2014” — the keywords and tags we used most frequently on photos and posts. Now for our second one: Top Trafficked Query Results of 2014. These are the results pages for browsing (that is, keyword tags) and search results than received the most page views this year. This does not reflect which posts received the most traffic (that’s coming up later), but rather which lists of results got … Continue reading

Cyndi Lauper’s 2008 True Colors Tour

Cyndi Lauper at the 2008 True Colors Concert in Berkeley

June 29, 2008 In 2007 and again in 2008, Cyndi Lauper organized the “True Colors Concert Tour” as a fundraiser for LGBT rights, enlisting the help of other performers like Andy Bell, the B-52s, and many more. Their Bay Area stop in 2008, which was at the Hearst Greek Theater in Berkeley, happened to fall on the last Sunday of June — Gay Pride weekend. Here’s a video montage of some of the concert’s highlights: And photos: [Show slideshow] 123456►

Gay Pride 2008

Gay kisses at SF Gay Pride 2008

June 29, 2008 We don’t have very many photos from the San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Day Parade and Celebration from 2008 because that year we decided to go to the True Colors concert instead. (Photos from that in the next post.) But here are a handful at Civic Center as we were heading to BART to go to the concert. [Show slideshow]

Pink Saturday 2008

Go-go boys in the window of All American Boy (June, 2008)

June 28, 2008 On Pink Saturday, the day before San Francisco’s annual Pride Parade and Celebration, the streets of Castro are closed off to automobile traffic. Folks in festie attire dance in the streets. This year, All American Boy and Whatever Comics had go-go boys dancing in their windows. Homes along Castro Street had house parties with guys hanging out the windows. And there was at least one naked guy. [Show slideshow] 123►

10 Most Commonly Used Keywords of 2014

Representing our top most frequently used keywords of 2014: gay bars, the Castro, go-go boys, Gus Presents, and drag shows.

As the year draws to a close, practically every media company on the planet is now compiling their “Top Blahblahblah Lists of 2014″ right now. We’ve come up with several of our own, and the first is SF Gay Life’s 10 Most Commonly Used Keywords of 2014. These are the tags that we’ve chosen to include for blog posts as well as for individual photos. Because blog posts can include hundreds of photos with different keywords, the rankings of these lists may not match. For example, if we posted a Pink Saturday entry that included 150 photos, one of which included a naked … Continue reading

Starfucker – June 27, 2008

Massive member on the winner of the Best Dick Contest at the Deco Lounge,

June 27, 2008 Deco Lounge, one of the last gay bars in the Tenderloin, had a reputation for pushing the envelope, and Starfucker was perhaps the best example of this. We got some great Strip Twister photos at a previous Starfucker. At this one, one guy playing Twister did pull his pants down. Later, faux queen Hoku Mama Swamp did a drag performance. But the real highlight was the Best Dick Contest hosted by CoCo Canal, which includes some of the most popular photos we’ve ever taken. (This set is about as “not safe for work” as it gets. Probably more penis pictures … Continue reading

2014 Santa Skivvies Run

Suppositori Spelling and the start of the 2014 Santa Skivvies Run.

December 6, 2014 Today was the Santa Skivvies Run, an annual tradition where men and women (mostly gay men) strip down to festive holiday underwear and run through the streets as a fundraiser for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation. In previous years, the run started and ended at the LookOut, the event’s main sponsor and initial organizer. But this year, the number of participants had grown so large that the race instead began at UN Plaza at the Civic Center. Runners began assembling at 7:00, and at 9:00 began running up Market Street to the Castro, finishing just in front … Continue reading

Another Gay Fundraiser

Porn star Brent Corrigan tipping one of his boys at a fundraiser at the LookOut in San Francisco.

June 26, 2008 In June of 2008, adult film star Brent Corrigan teamed up again with the Big Gay Frat House to throw a fundraiser for Community United Against Violence at the LookOut called “Another Gay Fundraiser.” Brent and the BGFH had worked together on the “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” fundraiser for CUAV in 2006. The LookOut fundraiser was named after Another Gay Sequel, a feature film with Corrigan as “Stan the Merman” that was being shown that week at the Frameline International Film Festival. CUAV is a San Francisco nonprofit that provides services and support for LGBT victims of hate crimes and … Continue reading