Jock Sundays @ the LookOut

Jock got pantsed to his jockstrap at Jock Sundays, a weekly fundraiser at the LookOut.

April 20, 2008 In April of 2008, the LookOut began hosting Jock Sundays, a weekly fundraiser for a revolving roster of local athletic teams. The teams, dressed in their uniforms or gear, sold Jell-o shots and sometimes had raffles or other fundraising strategies. At this one, some members Triangle Martial Arts Association were clad in their Karate gi while others were in jockstraps. [Show slideshow]

Flop House @ the Big Gay Frat House

At an sfBoylesque fundraiser at the Big Gay Frat House, the "Strongest Man in the World" is about to have a cinder-block sledgehammered on his chest.

April 12, 2008 In April of 2008, the Big Gay Frat House hosted Flop House, a fundraiser for sfBoylesque. It turned out to be the last fundraiser they hosted in their house. Like all BGFH fundraisers, the event featured an open bar. But this time, the entertainment was provided by sfBoylesque themselves. Male burlesque. Juggling (which sort of turned into strip juggling — he took off clothing with every mistake.) The strongest man in the world. Singing and dancing. Contortionists. Male strippers. [Show slideshow] 1234101112►

Hot Mess – April 5, 2008

Lube wrestling at a gay bar, where the wrestlers were trying to rip each other's underwear off completely.

April 5, 2008 The emphasis of this week’s photos at Hot Mess, the Saturday night party that Gus Presents used to host at The Stud, was naturally on the lube wrestling. As usual, the winner was the wrestler who managed to strip off his opponent’s underwear, leaving him naked. And like many times, this week’s losing wrestler had to slink through the bar totally nude to reach the back room where he could rinse off the lube and get redressed. Was he able to keep his dick covered despite being stripped buck naked? You’ll have to check out the photos to see. … Continue reading

Lucky Pierre – April 4, 2008

Losing everything at a game of strip poker in a gay bar.

April 4, 2008 There were probably go-go boys at this Lucky Pierre, the first-Friday party that used to be held at The Stud, but if there were, we didn’t see them because the entire evening was spent with Artemis Chase dealing games of strip poker for cute guys willing to risk stripping off everything. [Show slideshow] 1234►