Cookie Dough (1963 – 2015)

Cookie Dough as Dorothy for the "Wizard of Oz" Monster Show tribute.

Yesterday we tragically lost one of San Francisco’s most beloved drag queens, Cookie Dough, who passed away after a sudden illness. Cookie is credited with revitalizing drag shows in the Castro with “Cookie After Dark” at Martuni’s and “The Monster Show,” which started at Harvey’s and is now at The Edge. She was a regular performer at Trannyshack at The Stud and later at DNA Lounge, and at Bijou at Martuni’s. With her longtime friend Heklina, along with Pollo Del Mar and Matthew Martin, she originated the local drag production of “The Golden Girls” based on the 1980s sit-com, where … Continue reading

Lucky Pierre – Aug. 1, 2008

Several guys close to getting naked in a public game of strip poker.

August 1, 2008 Raya Light was the guest hostess at this edition of Lucky Pierre at The Stud. And there was probably more full-frontal male nudity at Artemis Chase’s games of strip poker than ever before. [Show slideshow] 123456►

2008 Up Your Alley Fair

Steamworks' Naked Twister game at the 2008 Up Your Alley Fair in San Francisco.

July 27, 2008 In 2008, it was a rather overcast day for the Up Your Alley Fair, also known informally as the Dore Alley Fair. That didn’t stop people from stripping down for various kinky, BDSM-themed shenanigans. That particular year, I seem to have spent most of my time at Steamworks’ Naked Twister game. Many guys played fully dressed, but lots were in underwear, towels, jockstraps, or completely naked. [Show slideshow] 1234789►

Boy Bar – July 18, 2008

Go-go boy at The Cafe in San Francisco.

July 18, 2008 There was an adorable new jockstrapped go-go boy at this week’s Boy Bar, the Friday night party that Gus Presents throws at The Cafe. Sadly, I never saw him again. Always wondered if he danced that one time as a lark, or was a regular dancer who happened to be traveling through or just usually danced at other parties that I missed. [Show slideshow] 123►